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Drama with the baby mama

Rapper 50 Cent is not going to be happy with his baby mama Daphne Joy and her new boy toy Mr. Jason Derulo! Let’s see how this one plays out. Story compliments of TMZ http://www.tmz.com/2015/11/20/jason-derulo-50-cent-baby-mama/... read more


Looks like a very well known couple are calling it quits. Tyga and Kylie also known as Kyga are done! And they are using every excuse in the book to reason why! Tmz reports... read more

Sad day in Paris :-(

Stars all over the world weep for the victims of the Paris terrorist acts. Some celebs such as the group U2, cancelled sold out concerts to take some time and reflect on the events that went down this past Friday. Justin Bieber was reportedly upset at his concert fans... read more