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Dawned in early 2012, Twin Cities based power trio Splimit have become an up-and-coming flipped out force in the rising Minnesota rock scene. Juggernauts of punk metal and the embodiment of grunge-laden garage rock, these three dudes laugh in the face of pop adversity and then briskly proceed to melt the innocent faces of those that rarely stray far from mainstream radio. Lead shredster Mike Herold supplies riffs that challenge the Necronomicon itself in their capacity to raise the dead in an homage to all things heavy. Bassist Mitch Benson delivers Claypool-esque rhythms that simultaneously serenade and stimulate, further driving the pounding mania of drummer Ed Rasmussen (who recently replaced long-time drummer Justin Fitts)’s relentless stick work. Together, Splimit wields more than enough power to expeditiously dominate the world and subsequently make it home in time for dinner without batting two eyes.
Aside from having an ultra-mosh-worthy sound, an aesthetic that kills (not literally…probably), and a previous slot opening up for the legendary Misfits, perhaps one of the sheer greatest aspects of this band is their insanely energetic stage presence. Screaming, sprinting, spinning, jumping, kicking, crawling, thrashing, crashing, and stampeding around the stage as if possessed by some type of badass Voodoo curse, Splimit’s energy on stage is reminiscent of the most imaginably cool rock n’ roll induced seizures.
Splimit currently has a five-song EP available on their Bandcamp, and are currently in the process of recording their first LP, The Lumberland Success, which has a predicted April release (and a potential follow up tour). Till then, hang onto your butts and check out their current online presence, and prepare your feeble mind for the awesomeness that is Splimit before they invade your home town and prepare to burn it the f**k down (figuratively, of course).

Links to Splimit’s Facebook and Bandcamp pages have been provided below:
Facebook:  https://www.facebook.com/Splimit/?fref=ts
Bandcamp: https://splimit.bandcamp.com/


– Article by Seth Hynes-Marquette