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Cut fresh on the scene in their dangerously idiosyncratic style, Trevor Devine and the Immaculate Beings provide six-piece pleasure via string, drum, keys, and voice. With an ambient melodrama reminiscent of greats like Fleet Foxes and Justin Vernon and an upbeat chipper that cruises forward serendipitously, the Immaculate Beings vibe a tongue-in-cheek ethereal folk and R&B sound that washes calmly over the cerebral in a most comforting manner. Their aesthetic is vehemently dapper, sporting a look that brings to mind summer breezes, downtown prominence, and the sweet n’ sanguine taste of strawberry liquor.

The Immaculate Beings also employ an impressive array of instrumentation. Featuring Derrick Holleman on lead strings, Sarah Bruce and her cello, Jacob Williams on bass, Trevor Devine with guitar and ukelele, Joe Harris at the kit, Staurie Cain tapping keys, and a multitude of members providing melody and harmony, the Immaculate Beings provide an immaculate plethoric soundscape for the whole family AND eccentric but lovable friends to relish.

Trevor Devine and the Immaculate Beings are currently in the process of writing and recording their first album, and are planning on releasing a single next month. Be on the watch for this exciting stuff!

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– Article by Seth Hynes-Marquette