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Straight out of Vietnam, alt-rock foursome White Noiz appeared on World Exposure this Sunday. Having been formed in and creating music since 2011, the band has undergone several personnel changes, and front woman Ha Nguyen is currently the only original member remaining in the line up.
Initially starting out as an all-girl band (and the only one in all of Vietnam at that), the lineup currently consists of two men and two women, and despite the changes their popularity seems to be increasing annually. When asked in an interview with AsiaLife magazine how it felt to be a front woman in an industry mostly populated by men, Nguyen seemed to genuinely dig it.
“It’s awesome,” she said, “For example, in a rock show, and with band, there are so many boys, and when we come on stage the stage gets brighter. There is more beauty, you know.” Nguyen also mentioned that one of her biggest musical idols and influences is Joan Jett, and her capacity to harbor rock music as her own distinct weapon. To this day, White Noiz continues to shred some serious rock prowess in Vietnam and throughout Asia, and just may be heading towards U.S. shores before we know it.

A link has been provided below to White Noiz’s LinkedIn page:
LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/pub/whitenoiz-band/82/356/7a6