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Cher Dial

Host, Writer, Radio Personality

After  working  Pr at  a radio station in Chicago I moved to Nashville Tennessee where I worked for Dolly Parton and traveled with Stella Parton on the road as her assistant. I also traveled on the road with Tanya Tucker and hosted two Radio Programs in Colorado.

And then went back to Chicago raise my son for 17 years and moved up to Minneapolis where I started my show World Exposure with Cher Dial. It is so exciting to be able to meet so many talented artist and entertainers from around the world I hope you enjoy watching as much as I do.

L.A. Nik

Segment Host

L.A. Nik is an American author, musician, and entertainer and known as the “Mayor of Minneapolis After Dark”. L.A. Nik’s notoriety became well-known after the 2013 release of his book, Life is Short, Then You’re Dead Forever. Nik will be a segment host for World Exposure feature entitled Rockin’ the World with L.A. Nik.

He joined his first band, The Prostitutes, at age thirteen as a drummer.  He later joined forces with the band Saints in Hell, known as Nikki Fear. Soon after Nik accepted a job with Joel’s Gray’s Cabaret and Liza Minnelli as a drummer, Nik also started the band, The Unexpected.

Robert W. Morgan

Producer, Radio Personality

Robert is the producer of a relevant 30 minute television infotainment talk show and 6 minutes radio version of music, entertainment, pop-culture, interview program featuring music, artist, and entertainment acts, of all genres, with local/national/worldwide talent.

Robert has a vibrant background with Cumulus Broadcasting (KQRS, 93X and 105 The Ticket), KFAI FM, Channel Z Film & Television gives this producer the edge for a forward vision.  Previously produced and directed shows include: City Beat Sacramento, San Francisco and Los Angeles, and City Beat: In Concert.

Bob Vehe

Studio Manager

A former Olympian And Pan Am  cyclist, Bob now lives the simple life of Dogs, Chickens And Divas.

Bob is studio manager for World Exposure with Cher Dial

Sherice Rushing

Video Editor

While growing up in Chicago, I always saw myself as being more then what my environment had to offer. I knew at a very young age that I wanted to be involved with the entertainment industry but I didn’t know to what extent.

Upon graduating, was when I second guessed my career choice but it was too late, I had already walked across the stage.  After a couple years of working in Social Work and starting a family, I noticed that I wasn’t happy with my career choice.So I decided to go back to school and actually pursue my passion for the entertainment industry, which is what I wanted from the beginning. Now I am currently, at the Illinois Media School in Lombard, IL studying Radio and Television Broadcasting and it has been one of the best decisions I had made.

Video Editor

Brandon Green

Video Editor

Brandon known as B-Mac is know as one of the best Music Producers with a Bachelors Degree in Music Production obtained from Full Sail University. He specializes in music recording, composing, audio editing, video editing, writing, and much more. Brandon/B-Mac is known to write hits for many artist.

To hear my music, please visit


Instrumentals can be purchased at




Busbie  International blogger



I’m Bubsie from the USA. I search for new bands from all Celtic Nations from far and wide and beyond. My specialties are media, reviews and writing pins for each band that I feel that has the potential of becoming more. Within each pin, I write a small summary of the band and the links to all of their band’s websites. It’s small, compact and a great addition to your press kits.
I am located within the east coast USA which gives me an edge on accepting bands from the USA and from other cultures.  When bands request me to, I also write full reviews of their upcoming or current CDs which are then featured onto my blog page . I also help bands reach their goals by providing them with information on how to tour and get their music played on radio stations in the USA and other countries. I am working with bands and will be getting my foot in the door on setting up gigs. Feel free to contact me. I’d be happy to help you, your band and your talent get more notice towards, with and for the public/audience.



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Christine Warren

Christine Warren

National Blogger/Pop Culture Video Segment

Coming from Chicago all my life there has always been something about media and celebrity news. Now I spend my spare time checking out celebrity news and posting it on world exposure. Currently a student at the Illinois media school in Lombard Illinois I have been studying all types of techniques to get the webpage going as well as host pop called your divas with Sherice Rushing so I can dish all the celebrity gossip now! Hopefully in the next couple years I’ll be doing it as a full time gig!


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