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Perhaps the most energetic and danceable band ever to be conceived in Miami, “bilingual Latin jam-band” Locos Por Juana was the featured artist this weekend on World Exposure. Birthed at the turn of the 21st century, the group has seen a multitude of line up shifts throughout the years, but their current roster consists of singer Itagui Correa, guitarist Mark Kondrat, and their kit-hitter Javier Delgado. The band is also at times accompanied by percussionist Carlos Palmet and trombonist Lasmi Richards. Locos Por Juana’s sound combines rhythms of Caribbean, American, and Latin influences, and even harbors genres like reggae, hip-hop, and rock, among others. Aside from these things, their unstoppable juggernaut energy and stage presence is most definitely another contributor to their massive and ever-rising success. It’s been (almost) scientifically proven that sitting still is a physical impossibility while listening to these guys; in fact, you just may be overcome with an insatiable and terrifyingly awesome urge to dance your f**king ass off.
Aside from releasing three full-length albums (Locos Por Juana, Musica P’al Pueblo, and” La Verdad) and touring both the U.S. and Europe respectively, the group was nominated for a Latin Grammy in 2005 for “Best Rock or Alternative Album”, and for a Grammy in 2008 in the same category. These are only a handful of the accolades, nominations, and straight up killer press that Locos Por Juana has received, and it is this writer’s opinion that you see them live as soon as possible, before it becomes necessary to land on a VIP guest list for a glimpse of these bad, bad dudes.

Links have been provided below for Locos Por Juana’s website, Wikipedia page, and Facebook:
Website: http://www.locosporjuana.com/#welcome
Wikipedia: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Locos_Por_Juana
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/LocosporJuanaMusic/?fref=ts